About Abacal Fleet Finishing

Abacal Alta Ltd. was founded in 1970 as a Sandblasting and Painting Company. We have made it a priority to provide clients with an optimum service and a durable end product of high quality.

Abacal’s strong management team endeavors to pass on to its staff a commitment of service and quality. The company is continually looking to improve their quality in products and service to establish a product line to satisfy the needs created ultimately by the consumer.

Abacal has an entrepreneurial spirit. We attempt to look for change in trends and respond to that change in a positive way. To translate our core competencies into a sustainable competitive advantage, Abacal has established a network of relationships with key suppliers and distributors to build relationships and alliances to satisfy the high standards of our customers.

Our service consists mainly of painting a company’s fleet of equipment. Presently this includes the propane industry, oil well fracing and cementing industry as well as the transportation industry, etc…

Our 300,000 ft2 facility is equipped with 7 industrial-size spray booths as well as a sheltered 6,000 ft2 blasting facility, all located with easy access from all major routes. The maximum capacity of a unit we can accommodate is our largest bay – 21′ tall x 40′ wide x 110′ long.

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